This paper proposes a novel two degree of freedom large range coarse–fine parallel dual-actuation flexure micropositioner (CFPDFM) with low interference behavior. First, the structure and working principle of the CFPDFM are introduced. Then, based on the stiffness matrix method, the analytical models of the motion range, input stiffness, and amplification ratio of the mechanism are established. Subsequently, the accuracy of the analytical model is verified by finite element analysis and experiments. Moreover, the dual-servo cooperative drive control strategy is designed to improve the closed-loop positioning ability of the CFPDFM. Finally, the CFPDFM experimental system is built to verify the plane trajectory tracking performance. The results reveal that the micropositioner can achieve a total range of 3.02 × 3.11 mm2, a resolution of ≤40 nm, low interference performance of coarse and fine actuators, good cross-axis decoupling, and planar complex trajectory tracking performance, while possessing a compact structure. It can be used in many plane positioning situations requiring large range and high precision.

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