An x-ray imaging scheme using spherically bent crystals was implemented on the Z-machine to image x rays emitted by the hot, dense plasma generated by a Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF) target. This diagnostic relies on a spherically bent crystal to capture x-ray emission over a narrow spectral range (<15 eV), which is established by a limiting aperture placed on the Rowland circle. The spherical crystal optic provides the necessary high-throughput and large field-of-view required to produce a bright image over the entire, one-cm length of the emitting column of a plasma. The average spatial resolution was measured and determined to be 18 µm for the highest resolution configuration. With this resolution, the radial size of the stagnation column can be accurately determined and radial structures, such as bifurcations in the column, are clearly resolved. The success of the spherical-crystal imager has motivated the implementation of a new, two-crystal configuration for identifying sources of spectral line emission using a differential imaging technique.

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