A resistively-heated dynamic diamond anvil cell (RHdDAC) setup is presented. The setup enables the dynamic compression of samples at high temperatures by employing a piezoelectric actuator for pressure control and internal heaters for high temperature. The RHdDAC facilitates the precise control of compression rates and was tested in compression experiments at temperatures up to 1400 K and pressures of ∼130 GPa. The mechanical stability of metallic glass gaskets composed of a FeSiB alloy was examined under simultaneous high-pressure/high-temperature conditions. High-temperature dynamic compression experiments on H2O ice and (Mg, Fe)O ferropericlase were performed in combination with time-resolved x-ray diffraction measurements to characterize crystal structures and compression behaviors. The employment of high brilliance synchrotron radiation combined with two fast GaAs LAMBDA detectors available at the Extreme Conditions Beamline (P02.2) at PETRA III (DESY) facilitates the collection of data with excellent pressure resolution. The pressure–temperature conditions achievable with the RHdDAC combined with its ability to cover a wide range of compression rates and perform tailored compression paths offers perspectives for a variety of future experiments under extreme conditions.

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