We demonstrate a 6 Gbps real-time optical quantum random number generator by measuring vacuum fluctuation. To address the common problem that speed gap exists between fast randomness generation and slow randomness extraction in most high-speed real-time quantum random number generator systems, we present an optimized extraction algorithm based on parallel implementation of Toeplitz hashing to reduce the influence of classical noise due to the imperfection of devices. Notably, the real-time rate of randomness extraction we have achieved reaches the highest speed of 12 Gbps by occupying less computing resources, and the algorithm has the ability to support hundreds of Gbps randomness extraction. By assuming that the eavesdropper with complete knowledge of the classical noise, our generator has a randomness generation speed of 6.83 Gbps and this supports the generation of 6 Gbps information-theoretically provable quantum random numbers, which are output in real-time through peripheral component interconnect express interface.

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