A system of precise pulse synchronization between a single-shot large-scale laser exploiting an acousto-optical modulator and a femtosecond high repetition rate laser is reported in this article. This opto-electronical system has been developed for synchronization of the sub-nanosecond kJ-class iodine photodissociation laser system (Prague Asterix Laser System—PALS) with the femtosecond 25-TW Ti:sapphire (Ti:Sa) laser operating at a repetition rate 1 kHz or 10 Hz depending on the required energy level of output pulses. At 1 kHz synchronization regime, a single femtosecond pulse of duration about 45 fs and a small energy less than 1 mJ are exploited as a probe beam for irradiation of a three-frame interferometer, while at 10 Hz repetition rate a single femtosecond pulse with higher energy about 7–10 mJ is exploited as a probe beam for irradiation of a two-channel polaro-interferometer. The synchronization accuracy ±100 ps between the PALS and the Ti:Sa laser pulses has been achieved in both regimes of synchronization. The femtosecond interferograms of laser-produced plasmas obtained by the three-frame interferometer and the femtosecond polarimetric images obtained by the two-frame polaro-interferometer confirm the full usefulness and correct functionality of the proposed method of synchronization.

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