We developed highly sensitive image-current detection systems based on superconducting toroidal coils and ultra-low noise amplifiers for non-destructive measurements of the axial frequencies (550–800 kHz) of single antiprotons stored in a cryogenic multi-Penning-trap system. The unloaded superconducting tuned circuits show quality factors of up to 500 000, which corresponds to a factor of 10 improvement compared to our previously used solenoidal designs. Connected to ultra-low noise amplifiers and the trap system, signal-to-noise-ratios of 30 dB at quality factors of >20 000 are achieved. In addition, we have developed a superconducting switch which allows continuous tuning of the detector’s quality factor and to sensitively tune the particle-detector interaction. This allowed us to improve frequency resolution at constant averaging time, which is crucial for single antiproton spin-transition spectroscopy experiments, as well as improved measurements of the proton-to-antiproton charge-to-mass ratio.

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