Practical and cost-effective circuitry with high sensitivity has been developed to measure a small capacitance using current compensation method. The circuitry uses an electronic switch to periodically connect or separate the capacitor under test (Cx) from a reference capacitor (Cr). When Cx is connected in parallel with Cr the total capacitance becomes Cx+Cr. On the other hand, as Cx is separated from Cr, the total capacitance is only Cr. This periodic change of the capacitance generates a periodic square-wave output with an amplitude in proportion to the capacitance of Cx. A high sensitivity of ΔVΔC=202.2mVpF has been achieved, making the circuitry a powerful tool in measuring small capacitances. Three applications have been performed to present its capability: (a) displacement, (b) height of liquid, and (c) angle of tilt. The experimental results demonstrate the performance of the circuitry.

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