SSRL has recently returned to extended running following the successful commissioning of a dedicated injector, and operation of the SPEAR storage ring exclusively for synchrotron radiation research. During the hiatus, the entire beamline data acquisition systems at the laboratory have been upgraded and extended to provide a more consistent, capable, and flexible interface to synchrotron users. Currently, 20 beamline stations have been commissioned, and planning is in the advanced stage to convert the remaining three beamline stations to use the new software set. This article outlines the design goals, implementation strategies, and capabilities of the new systems.

This program set consists of a VMS device driver (the pseudodriver), and a set of ACP (auxiliary control processor) subroutines which provide a highly optimized communication path between “user level” programs and “support level” programs. This software interface provides similar facilities to the VMS Mailbox driver, but with substantially reduced overhead.
S. Brennan, these proceedings.
SSRL GHOST is modeled on the GHOST graphics system developed at the Culham Laboratories, Oxfordshire, UK.
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