A new fiber‐optic light‐scattering spectrometer, which uses fiber‐optic detector probes each comprising of an optical fiber and a graded index microlens is described. The fiber‐optic detectors form an integral part of the scattering cell, which no longer requires transparent windows for the exit (or entrance) light beam. This feature eliminates the need for a goniometer which is one of the most bulky and expensive components of a conventional light‐scattering spectrometer. Thus, the spectrometer, unlike all of its predecessors, has no moving parts. Our fiber‐optic light‐scattering spectrometer can utilize a reaction vessel of whichever shape or composition as the scattering cell for light‐scattering measurements because the fiber‐optic detector probes are directly immersed in the scattering medium. Furthermore, with the miniaturization using the optical fiber/microlens combination, the light‐scattering spectrometer can be held in the palm of one hand and the signals processed by standard optical fiber remote sensing techniques.

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