A rapid scanning fluorometer based on constant energy synchronous fluorescence scanning at 200 nm/s has been developed. Constant energy synchronous fluorescence spectrometry involves measurement of fluorescence as both excitation and emission monochromators are scanned with a constant energy difference being maintained. Spectral information is collected in the forward to reverse directions and is processed in real time. A discussion of the instrumentation and software is given. A theoretical comparison between the photomultiplier tube (PMT) detection system used with this system and a silicon intensified target vidicon (SIT) detection system has been given. Calculations indicate that the signal‐to‐noise ratio S/N for the PMT system should be about 5–40× greater than for the SIT system. A comparison of the experimental figures of merit (detection limits, scan speed, analysis time) of the rapid scan constant energy synchronous fluorescence spectrometer with video fluorometers has also been made, again showing the superiority of the rapid scan synchronous system.

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