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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 94,
Issue 11,
November 2023

Focus and Coverage

Review of Scientific Instruments publishes novel advancements in scientific instrumentation, apparatuses, techniques of experimental measurement, and related mathematical analysis. Its content includes publication of regular and in-depth review articles on instruments covering all areas of science including physics, chemistry, and biology.

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Editor's Picks
Review Article
Yuhang Han, Lipeng He et al.
Social progress is inseparable from the utilization of energy, signals of extreme consumption of fossil energy and energy crisis appear frequently around the world. Human beings are paying more and ...
Research Article
Zhao-Yuan Chen, Chen-Xi Zhu et al.
Quantum key distribution (QKD) research has yielded highly fruitful results and is currently undergoing an industrialization transformation. In QKD systems, electro-optic modulators are typically ...
Review Article
C. S. Yan, Y. W. Chen et al.
Scientists are increasingly relying on astronomical and remote sensing technologies to gain deeper insights into the Earth and the universe. In these fields, the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) or ...
Most Recent
Research Article
XiaoHui Chen, Yi Zhang et al.
Rapid compression experiments performed using a dynamic diamond anvil cell (dDAC) offer the opportunity to study compression rate-dependent phenomena, which provide critical knowledge of the phase ...
Research Article
Hongzhou Tang, Jin Zhou et al.
Axial self-inductive displacement sensor can be used in rotor systems to detect the axial displacement of the rotor. The design and analysis of the sensor are mostly based on the traditional ideal ...
Research Article
Shuiquan Pang, Hao Xia et al.
The low-vacuum and low-accelerating-voltage modes are the most simple and practical ways to directly analyze poorly conductive samples in conventional scanning electron microscopy (SEM). However, ...
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