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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 95,
Issue 2,
February 2024

Focus and Coverage

Review of Scientific Instruments publishes novel advancements in scientific instrumentation, apparatuses, techniques of experimental measurement, and related mathematical analysis. Its content includes publication of regular and in-depth review articles on instruments covering all areas of science including physics, chemistry, and biology.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Chenhua Xu, Wenjie Zhang et al.
The moth-flame algorithm shows some shortcomings in solving the complex problem of optimization, such as insufficient population diversity and unbalanced search ability. In this paper, an IMFO ...
Research Article
Xiaoding Zhang, Xiaoguo Jiang et al.
An experimental study on the scintillating behavior of ZnO:Ga crystals was conducted using a 7-MeV electron accelerator. The ZnO:Ga crystals were grown using both hydrothermal and chemical vapor ...
Research Article
S. A. Bondza, T. Leopold et al.
We present a novel achromatic, planar, periodic mirror structure for single-beam magneto-optical trapping and demonstrate its use in the first- and second-stage cooling and trapping for different ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Pei-Fang Chung, Balaji Venkatesan et al.
A spectroscopic imaging-scanning tunneling microscope (SI-STM) allows for the atomic scale visualization of the surface electronic and magnetic structure of novel quantum materials with a high energy ...
Product Review
Andreas Mandelis
In order to supplement manufacturers’ information, this department will welcome the submission by our readers of brief communications reporting measurements on the physical properties of materials ...
Research Article
Shuangbao Shu, Yufeng Fu et al.
The key feature of non-contact temperature measurement provided by infrared (IR) cameras underpins their versatility. However, the accuracy of temperature measurements with IR cameras depends on ...
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