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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 94,
Issue 8,
August 2023

Focus and Coverage

Review of Scientific Instruments publishes novel advancements in scientific instrumentation, apparatuses, techniques of experimental measurement, and related mathematical analysis. Its content includes publication of regular and in-depth review articles on instruments covering all areas of science including physics, chemistry, and biology.

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Editor's Picks
Review Article
C. S. Yan, Y. W. Chen et al.
Scientists are increasingly relying on astronomical and remote sensing technologies to gain deeper insights into the Earth and the universe. In these fields, the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) or ...
Research Article
Zhenyu Zhao, Haiwen Liu et al.
A high gain and high aperture efficiency metamaterial (MTM) antenna is applied to a solar telescope in this paper. First, a portable solar telescope including the MTM antenna and a receiving system ...
Research Article
Maki Umeda, Hiroyuki Chudo et al.
We have developed experimental equipment for observing the Barnett effect, in which mechanical rotation magnetizes an object, at low temperatures. A sample in a rotor is rotated bidirectionally using ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Javier Diz-Bugarín, Ismael Outumuro-González et al.
This article describes a new measurement system for the comparison of two electronic signals of different frequencies with application to high resolution comparison of laser wavelengths using a ...
Research Article
Jia Cao, Yang Chen et al.
Laser spot detection and tracking play a critical role in laser techniques. However, traditional detection and tracking systems tend to be bulky and lack portability. Therefore, there is a growing ...
Research Article
Zhenjing Yao, Mingyang Li et al.
Displacement measurement is of great significance to monitor the crack variation and ensure the health of building structures. Aiming at the problems of low sensitivity and high temperature error of ...
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