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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 31,
Issue 6,
June 2024

Focus and Coverage

Physics of Plasmas, published by AIP Publishing in cooperation with the APS Division of Plasma Physics, is committed to the publication of original research in all areas of experimental, computational, and theoretical plasma physics. Physics of Plasmas publishes in-depth review manuscripts, forward-looking perspectives, Tutorials on active topics, and Special Topics highlighting new developments. Every year a special issue publishes the invited and review papers from the most recent meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
A. Yu. Popov, E. Z. Gusakov
In this paper, we analyze theoretically the low-threshold parametric decay instability (PDI) that can be excited at the tokamak à configuration variable (TCV tokamak, Lausanne, Switzerland) during X2 ...
Research Article
C. Chen, E. S. Lavine et al.
A novel wire-array Z-pinch platform has been developed to study the effect of a pulsed magnetic mirror field on a collisional high energy density plasma. The mirror is driven in series with the ...
M. Zepp, M. Granetzny et al.
A direct measurement of the particle balance and derivation of the underlying particle source rate distribution in a helicon plasma developed for wakefield particle accelerators is presented. ...
Most Recent
Research Article
J. P. Boeuf, L. Boufendi et al.
This study investigates the conditions leading to stratification in a quasineutral argon positive column plasma, focusing on a pressure-column radius product, p R , in the range 0.1–10 Torr ...
Research Article
M. K. Dosbolayev, S. A. Orazbayev et al.
The conditions of stratification of a radio frequency positive column plasma in argon over a pressure range from 0.1 to 2 Torr are studied using experiments and particle-in-cell Monte Carlo collision ...
Research Article
P. Y. Jiang, Z. Y. Liu et al.
A new magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) code based on initial value approach, GMEC_I, has been developed for simulating various MHD physics in tokamak plasmas, as the MHD foundation of the gyrokinetic-MHD ...
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