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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 31,
Issue 5,
May 2024

Focus and Coverage

Physics of Plasmas, published by AIP Publishing in cooperation with the APS Division of Plasma Physics, is committed to the publication of original research in all areas of experimental, computational, and theoretical plasma physics. Physics of Plasmas publishes in-depth review manuscripts, forward-looking perspectives, Tutorials on active topics, and Special Topics highlighting new developments. Every year a special issue publishes the invited and review papers from the most recent meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
T. Kato, H. Sugama et al.
Microturbulence in magnetic confined plasmas contributes to energy exchange between particles of different species as well as the particle and heat fluxes. Although the effect of turbulent energy ...
Research Article
M. Wadas, H. LeFevre et al.
The growth of three-dimensional perturbations subject to the Crow instability along a vortex dipole resulting from the passage of a shock wave through a heavy gaseous cylinder is examined ...
Research Article
S. K. Hansen, M. Porkolab et al.
In its basic form, phase contrast imaging (PCI) provides line-integrated measurements of electron density fluctuations in plasmas. As turbulent fluctuations in magnetically confined plasmas have wave ...
Most Recent
Research Article
S. M. Gondal
A theoretical investigation is presented to explain the formation and characteristics of relaxed equilibrium structures in a three-component dusty plasma within Saturn's atmosphere, composed of ...
Research Article
Yujian Zhao, Lance Hildebrand et al.
Plasma-based acceleration (PBA) is being considered for a next generation linear collider (LC). In some PBA-LC designs for the electron arm, the extreme beam parameters are expected to trigger ...
Research Article
Myeong-Geon Lee, Nam-Kyun Kim et al.
The effect of collisions on the motion of magnetized ions in sheath and presheath plasma regions was investigated through the measurement of ion incident angle of a hydrogen ion at a graphite ...
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