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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 36,
Issue 5,
May 2024

Topical Strengths

Physics of Fluids features intriguing original theoretical, computational, and experimental publications to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of gases, liquids, or complex fluids.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Alexey A. Morozov, Irina A. Graur et al.
Tools for modeling phase change processes in confined spaces are necessary to estimate heat and mass fluxes impacted by micro-level effects. We develop and validate numerical models for the ...
Research Article
Xuepu Yan (闫雪璞), Rushi Liu (刘如石) et al.
In this paper, the effect of the water entry angle on the sequential water entry process of two projectiles was investigated numerically. A numerical method is established based on the STAR-CCM+ ...
Research Article
Biaojun Zhou (周标军), Zijie Zhao (赵子杰) et al.
The high-speed projectile moving near the sea level will significantly suffer from the effects of waves. The water entry and exit of a high-speed projectile crossing a wave are investigated by ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Martin F. Diaz, Michael L. Waite
Predictability of geophysical fluid dynamics at various scales remains a crucial challenge for accurate weather and climate forecasting. Following the pioneering framework established by Lorenz, ...
Research Article
Laurent Nottale, Thierry Lehner
We apply the scale-relativity theory of turbulence to the turbulent boundary layer problem. On the basis of Kolmogorov's scaling, the time derivative of the Navier–Stokes equations can be integrated ...
Research Article
Jieming Wang (王洁明), Hu Wang (王浒) et al.
Liquid ammonia is a promising clean fuel, but it has a greater tendency to flash-boil than conventional fuels. This study confirms the reliability of utilizing the Eulerian framework and homogeneous ...
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