The 29th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion was held at the November 2011 meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics in Baltimore, Maryland. The meeting attracted 2022 technical abstracts, with the Gallery of Fluid Motion contributing an additional 116 entries for display during the meeting (54 posters and 62 video submissions). The entries came from 15 different countries, with 33% submitted from institutions outside the United States, representing work conducted in academia, national laboratories, and industry.

Separate judging panels were convened to evaluate the posters (3 judges) and videos (3 judges), who selected the winning entries based on their aesthetic, scientific, and educational value. The entries were of very high quality, spanning the breadth of the discipline. This year marked the second year of the Milton van Dyke awards, which honor the top three poster and top three video entries with a cash honorarium, in addition to the certificates and copies of An Album of Fluid Motion provided to all of the winning entries.

We would like to thank the judges for the timely and conscientious evaluation of the entries, which plays an important role in maintaining the quality of the Gallery. We would like to extend our gratitude to the meeting organizers and coordinators who made the implementation of the Gallery a success, and to the staff of the editorial offices of Physics of Fluids for archiving and promoting the Gallery via the journal. Finally, we would like to extend two special thanks to Sylvia van Dyke, for her generous gift supporting the Gallery of Fluid Motion, and to Jim Duncan, who after 10 years of exemplary stewardship of the Gallery is stepping down as the division coordinator of the Gallery. Jim's dedication, careful oversight, and patient mentoring of the local organizers have played a key role to the continued success of the Gallery, and we are grateful for his service.

At last, we are very pleased to present the winning entries of the Gallery in the following collection of representative images and brief descriptions. The winning entries can also be viewed online at A summary of the winning entries are

Milton van Dyke Award video winners

  • Freezing singularities in water drops. Oscar R. Enríquez, Álvaro G. Marín, Koen G. Winkels, and Jacco H. Snoeijer.

  • Holy balls! Balls that walk on water. Tadd T. Truscott, Michael M. Wright, Ken R. Langley, and Jesse Belden.

  • Fundamental and subharmonic transition to turbulence in zero-pressure-gradient flat-plate boundary layers. Taraneh Sayadi, Curtis W. Hamman, and Parviz Moin.

Milton van Dyke Award poster winners

  • Regular and irregular splashing of drops on geometric targets. Gabriel Juarez, Thomai Gastopoulos, Yibin Zhang, Michael L. Siegel, and Paulo E. Arratia.

  • Direct numerical simulation of stratified turbulence. Georgios Matheou and Daniel Chung.

  • Division by fluid incision: Biofilm patch development in porous media. William M. Durham, Olivier Tranzer, Alberto Leombruni, and Roman Stocker.

Gallery video winners

  • Bubble oscillations and motion under vibration. Tim O'Hern, Bion Shelden, and John Torczynski.

  • Particle jet formation during explosive dispersal of solid particles. David L. Frost, Yann Grégoire, Oren Petel, Samuel Goroshin, and Fan Zhang.

  • Vortex formation and instability in the left ventricle. Trung Bao Le, Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dane Coffey, and Daniel Keefe.

  • Floating extensional flows. Roiy Sayag, Samuel S. Pegler, and M. Grae Worster.

Gallery poster winners

  • Bag instabilities. Barry E. Scharfman and Alexandra H. Techet.

  • Imploding water wave: A poppy blossom. Anna Chtchetinina and Hoi Dick Ng.