In this study, coupled dynamic responses of flexible superhydrophobic surfaces during a drop impact were investigated with position sensing and high-speed imaging. A smooth polydimethylsiloxane surface was spray coated with commercially available superhydrophobic paint particles. The influence of initial and subsequent impacts of a water droplet on the surface dynamics was studied at various natural frequencies of the surface (50 < fs < 230 Hz) and Weber numbers (2 < We < 90). We discovered that the flexible superhydrophobic surface was deflected twice during contact of the droplet by an impact force of the droplet as well as its reaction force during recoil. The magnitude of the droplet reaction force was estimated to be comparable to the droplet impact force. As the Weber number increased, however, the influence of the droplet reaction force on the surface displacement was attenuated because of the instability of the droplet rim. The contact time of the droplet and surface dynamics were found to be dependent on the phase of the surface. The contact time was reduced as much as 7% when a completion of the droplet spreading matched to the upward motion of the surface. One of the two local minima of the surface position observed during the contact of the droplet was diminished by matching the instance of the droplet reaction force to the downward motion of the surface. This study provides new insight into the effect of the droplet reaction force on dynamics of flexible superhydrophobic surfaces.

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