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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 36,
Issue 3,
March 2024

Topical Strengths

Physics of Fluids features intriguing original theoretical, computational, and experimental publications to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of gases, liquids, or complex fluids.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Henglei Xu (许恒磊), Yiping Zhang (张仪萍) et al.
In recent years, the migration and distribution of microplastics (MPs) in the natural environment have garnered worldwide attention. However, little is known about the transport and intercept of MPs ...
Research Article
Aibo Wei (魏爱博), Weibo Wang (王维博) et al.
In this paper, the cavitation and flow characteristics of the unsteady liquid nitrogen (LN2) cavitating flow in a submersible pump are investigated through both experimental and numerical approaches. ...
Research Article
Laila Abu-Farah, Natalie Germann
Within the framework of a statistical rheology of suspensions, emulsions, and solutions, it is important to obtain an overview of the total set of flows with a constant velocity gradient. Therefore, ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Toshiyuki Doi
A microscale lubrication flow of a gas between eccentric circular cylinders with an arbitrary temperature difference is studied on the basis of kinetic theory. The dimensionless curvature, defined as ...
Research Article
Shengwen Hou (侯圣文), Qiang Wang (王强) et al.
This article employed numerical methods to investigate the aerodynamic, thermal, and infrared characteristics of last-stage turbine swirl on a two-dimensional convergent divergent (2D-CD) exhaust ...
Research Article
S. Lai (来姝玥), Y. Rao (饶轶丰) et al.
Numerical simulations using an Eulerian–Eulerian approach are performed to investigate the problem of a dense granular bed driven by a propagating shock wave with special emphasis on the ...
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