In the temperature range of 2−75 K, the analysis and comparison were performed: (i) experimental C P , Xe ( T ) and theoretical C V , Xe ( T ) heat capacity of 1D chains of xenon atoms adsorbed in grooves on the outer surface of bundles of single-walled carbon nanotubes with closed ends (c-SWCNTs); (ii) the experimental heat capacity C P , Xe ( T ) and the experimental contribution to the radial thermal expansion of the c-SWNTs-Xe sample of Xe that adsorbed the grooves of c-SWCNTs [ α Xe ( T ) ]. There is an anomaly near 60 K on the C P , Xe ( T ) and α Xe ( T ) curves due to the contribution of the spatial redistribution of Xe atoms between the chains and the outer surface of c-SWNTs. It was found that the dependencies of C P , Xe ( T ) and α Xe ( T ) are qualitatively similar below 60 K. The anomaly near 60 K in the C P , Xe ( T ) curve indicates the complete of fragmentation of 1D Xe atomic chains. The obtained result is important for understanding the kinetics of gas impurity sorption/desorption processes in c-SWNTs.

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