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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 50,
Issue 7,
July 2024

Focus and Coverage

Low Temperature Physics, a translation of the copyrighted Journal FIZIKA NIZKIKH TEMPERATUR, is a monthly journal containing English reports of current research in the field of the low temperature physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
V. V. Eremenko, S. S. Saxena et al.
Four decades since the concept of polyamorphism was introduced by [L. S. Palatnik (1909–1994), Fiz. Nizk. Temp. 25 , 400 (1909)], numerous investigations proved its presence in a broad variety of ...
Research Article
Yo Machida, Valentina Martelli et al.
Decades ago, Gurzhi proposed that if momentum-conserving collisions prevail among heat-carrying phonons in insulators and charge-carrying electrons in metals, hydrodynamic features will become ...
Research Article
Ana Arauzo, Elena Bartolomé et al.
The synthesis, structure and magnetothermal properties of three new lanthanide 1D polymeric complexes, {[Ln2Ba(α-fur)8(H2O)4]}n for Ln = Nd (1), Er (2) and {[Ho2Ba(α-fur)8(H2O)4]⋅2H2O}n (3), based on ...
Most Recent
Research Article
A. S. Panfilov, A. A. Lyogenkaya et al.
For one of the famous and widely investigated intermediate valence compound YbB12, the experimental studies of the pressure effect on magnetic susceptibility χ ( P ) were carried out ...
Research Article
V. P. Nerubatskyi, E. S. Hevorkian et al.
The paper analyzes the effect of nanoadditives of zirconium dioxide, partially stabilized by Y2O3, on the Al2O3–SiO2 matrix during hot pressing by the electroconsolidation method. The microstructure ...
Research Article
A. V. Peschanskii, A. Yu. Glamazda
We have performed Raman studies of a LiNiPO4 single crystal at temperatures below and above the phase transition to a magnetically ordered state at 5 and 25 K, respectively. A shift of some phonon ...
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