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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 49,
Issue 9,
September 2023

Focus and Coverage

Low Temperature Physics, a translation of the copyrighted Journal FIZIKA NIZKIKH TEMPERATUR, is a monthly journal containing English reports of current research in the field of the low temperature physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
V. D. Fil, D. V. Fil et al.
Acoustoelectric transformation (occurrence of electromagnetic radiation under the action of an elastic wave) in a FeSe0.925S0.075 crystal in the presence of an external magnetic field has been ...
Research Article
M. S. Barabashko, M. I. Bagatskii et al.
In the temperature range of 2−75 K, the analysis and comparison were performed: (i) experimental C P , Xe ( T ) and theoretical C V , Xe ( ...
Research Article
Erik Piatti, Daniele Torsello et al.
The iron-based compounds of the so-called 12442 family are very peculiar in various respects. They originate from the intergrowth of 122 and 1111 building blocks, display a large in-plane vs ...
Most Recent
Research Article
A. Aydin, I. N. Askerzade et al.
The escape rate of S→R switching (from superconducting S state to unstable resistive R state) in an ac SQUID with Josephson junction based on single- and multi-band superconductors is investigated by ...
Research Article
V. N. Krivoruchko, E. A. Koshina
There exists a variety of theoretical proposals to transform states induced by magnetic nanoparticles inside a superconducting gap into Majorana fermion states. The main challenge in this route is a ...
Research Article
A. S. Panfilov, V. A. Desnenko et al.
For one of the most famous and widely investigated intermediate-valence compound SmB6, we report the results of a precise experimental study of the pressure effect on magnetic susceptibility χ. The ...
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