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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 50,
Issue 6,
June 2024

Focus and Coverage

Low Temperature Physics, a translation of the copyrighted Journal FIZIKA NIZKIKH TEMPERATUR, is a monthly journal containing English reports of current research in the field of the low temperature physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Ana Arauzo, Elena Bartolomé et al.
The synthesis, structure and magnetothermal properties of three new lanthanide 1D polymeric complexes, {[Ln2Ba(α-fur)8(H2O)4]}n for Ln = Nd (1), Er (2) and {[Ho2Ba(α-fur)8(H2O)4]⋅2H2O}n (3), based on ...
Research Article
Valentyna Sirenko, Fernando Bartolomé Usieto et al.
The quantum nature of single-ion magnets, single-molecule magnets, and single-chain magnets has been manifested among other phenomena by magnetic hysteresis due to slow spin relaxation, competing ...
Research Article
M. S. Barabashko, M. Drozd et al.
Thermal stability and the kinetics of thermal decomposition of the thermally reduced graphene oxide (TRGO) treated by a pulsed high-frequency discharge in a hydrogen atmosphere have been studied. The ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Yu. P. Monarkha
Conditions at which a quasi-one-dimensional (1D) electron system can be considered as a quantum liquid of impenetrable charged particles are theoretically analyzed. In the presence of an inert, ...
Research Article
Research Article
Michael E. Ishaje, Kseniia Minakova et al.
The mechanical properties of the half-Heusler alloy C2CaNa using density functional theory approach as installed in Quantum Espresso software was examined. We observed that C2CaNa will be easily ...
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