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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 50,
Issue 3,
March 2024

Focus and Coverage

Low Temperature Physics, a translation of the copyrighted Journal FIZIKA NIZKIKH TEMPERATUR, is a monthly journal containing English reports of current research in the field of the low temperature physics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
T. Piddubnyi, S. Stepanian et al.
Changes in vibrational spectra are among the most important manifestations of the interaction between transition metal dichalcogenides and nucleic acid bases (NAB). Infrared and Raman spectra were ...
Research Article
A. A. Zvyagin, G. A. Zvyagina
The theory for the low-temperature behavior of sound velocities (and related elastic modules) in the external magnetic field in UTe2 is proposed. The theory is based on the dual model. The model ...
Research Article
E. V. Savchenko, I. V. Khyzhniy et al.
New results on the study of radiation effects in solid nitrogen and N2-doped Ne matrix are presented, with a focus on the so-called γ-line origin. The irradiation was carried out in dc regime with an ...
Most Recent
Research Article
A. M. Plokhotnichenko, V. A. Karachevtsev et al.
Electrospun polymeric nanofibers incorporated with some medicines or biologically active nanoparticles have a huge range of various applications in biomedical fields such as wound dressing, drug ...
Research Article
O. A. Zhytniakivska, U. K. Tarabara et al.
In the present study, the multiple ligands simultaneous docking technique was employed to explore the feasibility of developing the protein-based nanocarriers in which the therapeutic agents ...
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