A detail model including all mechanical and electrical aspects is necessary to fully study hybrid grid operation. In this paper, a new grid-connected hybrid generation system with a Stirling engine and a wind turbine, which are connected to a grid through a common dc bus, is presented. The Stirling is more efficient than photo voltaic array and its combination with the wind turbine can create an efficient hybrid system. Fatigue, Aerodynamics, Structures, and Turbulence and Simulink/MATLAB are used to model the mechanical parts of the wind turbine, Stirling engine, and electrical parts. Field oriented control method is developed on voltage source converter. Power signal feedback method is implemented to determine generators reference shaft speed in hybrid system. Permanent magnet synchronous generator is used in the wind turbine and Stirling engine. Simulation results show that a new hybrid generation system with Stirling and wind turbine can work like other hybrid system and has suitable performance.

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