We present a publicly available dataset containing photovoltaic (PV) system power measurements and metadata from 1287 residential installations across three states/territories in Australia—though mainly for the cities of Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide. The data are recorded between September 2016 and March 2017 at 10-min temporal resolution, and consist of real inverter reported power measurements from PV systems that are well distributed throughout each city. The dataset represents a considerably valuable resource, as public access to spatio-temporal PV power data is almost nonexistent; this dataset has already been used in numerous articles by the authors. The PV power data are free to download and are available in their raw, quality controlled (QC), and “tuned” formats. Each PV system is accompanied by individual metadata including geolocation, user reported metadata, and simulated parameterization. Data provenance, download, usage rights, and example usage are detailed within. Researchers are encouraged to leverage this rich spatio-temporal dataset of distributed PV power data in their research.

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