AIP Publishing and NIST do not require page charges for Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data.

Open Access Charges

By electing to participate in Author Select® and paying a 3500 USD fee to support publication and archiving costs, authors may ask the journal to provide free online access to a published article, in perpetuity, to any online user. More detail on this option can be found in the Open Access Publication section of this website. When you submit a new or revised manuscript, let us know if you would like to participate in Author Select®.

Color Printing

Illustrations will appear in color in the online journal free of charge to authors. To take advantage of this free services, authors must do the following:

  • Submit usable color graphics files (.eps, .ps, .tif, .jpg, or .pdf only).
  • Submit graphics files in time for utilization during the production process.
  • Submit only one version of each graphics file.
  • Ensure that colors chosen will reproduce well when printed in black & white.
  • Ensure that descriptions of figures in text will be clear for both print and online versions.

All figures will appear in black and white in the printed journal.

There is a surcharge for ordering full-color author reprints.

Please send any questions about publication charges or reprints to