Volume 36, Number 2 of Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data was the last issue published under the able guidance of Co-Editor Malcolm W. Chase, Jr. The journal and its community of authors and readers have benefited for over a decade from Mal's inherent good nature and his obvious devotion to the journal.

Mal joined the JPCRD Management Board in 1989 and became Editor in 1997. During his tenure, he has deftly overseen the publication of some 250 articles, which translates into over 19,000 journal pages. With a consistent cited half-life of over 10 years—as determined by Thomson Scientific—it is clear that Mal has played an integral role in increasing the value of the body of scientific literature for researchers worldwide.

Mal's involvement with Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data will be missed on both a personal and professional level by his colleagues at the American Institute of Physics and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His contributions to this community were many, so please join us in expressing our appreciation for his myriad efforts and wishing him all the best in his retirement.