A new mixture model (EOS-LNG) for the accurate representation of thermodynamic property data of multicomponent natural gas mixtures in the liquid state is presented. The mathematical approach of the GERG-2008 equation of state of Kunz and Wagner is adopted and new binary-specific functions for methane + n-butane, methane + isobutane, methane + n-pentane, and methane + isopentane are developed. The representation of all experimental data available in the literature for the corresponding binary systems is carefully analyzed so that these functions can also be applied at fluid states beyond the liquefied natural gas (LNG) region. The EOS-LNG represents all available binary and multicomponent data in the LNG region within their specified experimental uncertainty, which is significantly more accurate than the GERG-2008 model. The main focus was given to the representation of new density data measured between 100 K and 180 K with a maximum pressure of 10 MPa. Deviations from the EOS-LNG presented here do not exceed 0.02% for binary data and 0.05% for multicomponent systems. Deviations of calculated values of these data from experimental data in other fluid regions are similar to or better than those calculated with the GERG-2008 model.

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