The ideal gas thermodynamic properties [H °−H °0, (G°−H °0)/T, (H °−H °0)/T, S °, C °p, ΔHf °, ΔGf °, and log Kf] for ethylene and propylene in the temperature range 0 to 1500 K and at 1 atm have been calculated by the statistical thermodynamic method employing the most recent fundamental and molecular spectroscopic constants. The internal rational contributions to thermodynamic properties for propylene were generated based on an internal rotation partition function formed by summation of internal rotation energy levels. The energy levels were derived from the potential function V (cm1) =349.2(1−cos 3ϑ)−6.5(1−cos 6ϑ). The calculated heat capacities and entropies were compared with the available experimental values.

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