Viscosity is an important transport property for the optimum design of a chemical process plant and for the development of molecular theories of the liquid state. A large amount of experimental viscosity data has been produced for all types of liquids, from alternative refrigerants to molten salts and molten metals. The accuracy of these data is related to the operating conditions of the instrument and, for this purpose as well as for the calibration of relative instruments, standard reference data for viscosity are necessary over a wide range of temperatures. New experimental data on the viscosity of liquid toluene along the saturation line have been obtained recently, mostly at low temperatures. The quality of the data is such that recommended values can be proposed with uncertainties of 0.5% (95% confidence level) for 260 K⩽T⩽370 K and 2% for 210 K⩽T<260 K and 370 K<T⩽400 K. A discussion about the uncertainties in the measurements and about the purity of the samples is made. The proposed value for the viscosity of liquid toluene at 298.15 K and 0.1 MPa is η=554.2±3.3 μPa s.

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