The literature has been searched through 2002 June for solubility data on the gases BF3,NF3,N2F4,SF6,CF4,CHF3,CH2F2,CH3F,C2F6,CHF5, 1,1,1,2-C2H2F4, 1,1,1-C2H3F3, 1,1-C2H4F2,CH5F,C3F8,c-C4F8,C2F4, 1,1-C2H2F2,C2H3F,C3F6,C3F6O, and SiF4 and the solids XeF6,XeF4, and XeF2 in all solvents. The data are compiled here. Where feasible evaluations have been carried out. The evaluations were mostly carried out for water as a solvent as the water systems are the most extensively studied. For other systems there is often only one set of measurement or two sets of measurements, which do not agree well. Evaluation of such systems will have to wait on more experimental measurements.

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