This review contains selected values of thermodynamic quantities for the aqueous ionization reactions of 64 buffers, many of which are used in biological research. Since the aim is to be able to predict values of the ionization constant at temperatures not too far from ambient, the thermodynamic quantities which are tabulated are the pK, standard molar Gibbs energy ΔrG, standard molar enthalpy ΔrH°, and standard molar heat capacity change ΔrCp for each of the ionization reactions at the temperature T=298.15 K and the pressure p=0.1 MPa. The standard state is the hypothetical ideal solution of unit molality. The chemical name(s) and CAS registry number, structure, empirical formula, and molecular weight are given for each buffer considered herein. The selection of the values of the thermodynamic quantities for each buffer is discussed.

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