The thermodynamic and spectroscopic properties of the iodine oxide species have been reviewed. Recommended NIST–JANAF Thermochemical Tables are given for six gaseous iodine oxides: IO, OIO, IOO, IOI, IIO, and IO3. Sufficient information is not available to generate thermochemical tables for any condensed phase species. Annotated bibliographies (over 400 references) are provided for all neutral iodine oxides which have been reported in the literature. There is a lack of experimental thermodynamic and spectroscopic information for all iodine oxide species, except IO(g) and OIO(g). The recommended thermochemical tables are based on estimates for the structure, vibrational frequencies, and enthalpy of formation based in part on the spectroscopic and thermodynamic data for the other halogen oxides [J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 25, 551 (1996); 25, 1061 (1996)]. Although there is a definite lack of information in comparison with the other halides, this information is provided for the iodine oxides for the following reasons: (1) to complete the study of the halogen oxide family and (2) to stress the need for additional experimental measurements. Of all the species mentioned in the literature, many have not been isolated or characterized. In fact, some do not exist. Throughout this paper, uncertainties attached to recommended values correspond to the uncertainty interval, equal to twice the standard deviation of the mean.

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