The system carbon dioxide‐water is of great scientific and technological importance. Thus, it has been studied often. The literature for the solubility of carbon dioxide in water is vast and interdisciplinary. An exhaustive survey was conducted and approximately 100 experimental investigations were found that reported equilibrium data at pressures below 1 MPa. A model based on Henry’s law was used to correlate the low pressure data (those up to 1 MPa). The following correlation of the Henry’s constants (expressed on a mole fraction basis) was developed ln(H21/MPa)=−6.8346+1.2817×104/T−3.7668×106/T2 +2.997×108/T3 The correlation is valid for 273<T<433 K(0<t<160 °C) where T is in K. Any experimental data that deviated significantly from this model were duly noted.

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