This review contains recommended values of the thermodynamic and transport properties of the five and six membered ring carbohydrates and their phosphates in both the condensed and aqueous phases. Equilibrium data, enthalpies, heat capacities, and entropies have been collected from the literature. The accuracy of these data have been assessed, adjusted to 298.15 K and to a common standard state, and entered into a catalog of thermochemical reactions. The solution of this reaction catalog yields a set of recommended values for the formation properties of these substances. The volumetric data have also been critically evaluated. Recommended values are presented for standard state molar volumes and the temperature and pressure derivatives of the molar volume, i. e., the expansivity and the compressibility. The excess property data of aqueous solutions of these substances have been correlated to yield recommended values of the parameters of the virial expansion model used to represent the data. The transport data considered here includes both viscosity and diffusion data of aqueous solutions of the carbohydrates. The available phase diagram data and transition temperatures are summarized.

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