We show that recent results on adiabatic theory for interacting gapped many-body systems on finite lattices remain valid in the thermodynamic limit. More precisely, we prove a generalized super-adiabatic theorem for the automorphism group describing the infinite volume dynamics on the quasi-local algebra of observables. The key assumption is the existence of a sequence of gapped finite volume Hamiltonians, which generates the same infinite volume dynamics in the thermodynamic limit. Our adiabatic theorem also holds for certain perturbations of gapped ground states that close the spectral gap (so it is also an adiabatic theorem for resonances and, in this sense, “generalized”), and it provides an adiabatic approximation to all orders in the adiabatic parameter (a property often called “super-adiabatic”). In addition to the existing results for finite lattices, we also perform a resummation of the adiabatic expansion and allow for observables that are not strictly local. Finally, as an application, we prove the validity of linear and higher order response theory for our class of perturbations for infinite systems. While we consider the result and its proof as new and interesting in itself, we also lay the foundation for the proof of an adiabatic theorem for systems with a gap only in the bulk, which will be presented in a follow-up article.

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