The exact computation of asymptotic quasinormal frequencies is a technical problem which involves the analytic continuation of a Schrödinger-type equation to the complex plane and then performing a method of monodromy matching at several poles in the plane. While this method was successfully used in asymptotically flat space–time, as applied to both the Schwarzschild and Reissner–Nordstro/m solutions, its extension to nonasymptotically flat space–times has not been achieved yet. In this work it is shown how to extend the method to this case, with the explicit analysis of Schwarzschild–de Sitter and large Schwarzschild–anti–de Sitter black holes, both in four dimensions. We obtain, for the first time, analytic expressions for the asymptotic quasinormal frequencies of these black hole space–times, and our results match previous numerical calculations with great accuracy. We also list some results concerning the general classification of asymptotic quasinormal frequencies in d-dimensional space–times.

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