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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 65,
Issue 1,
January 2024

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Mathematical Physics features content in all areas of mathematical physics. Articles focus on areas of research that illustrate the application of mathematics to problems in physics, the development of mathematical methods suitable for such applications, and the formulation of physical theories.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Martin Taylor
Spatially homogeneous Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker (FLRW) solutions constitute an infinite dimensional family of explicit solutions of the Einstein–massless Vlasov system with vanishing ...
Research Article
Gernot Akemann, Noah Aygün et al.
We generalise well-known integrals of Ingham-Siegel and Fisher-Hartwig type over the unitary group U(N) with respect to Haar measure, for finite N and including fixed external matrices. When ...
Research Article
Oswaldo Vazquez, Puskar Mondal
We prove a continuation condition in the context of 3 + 1 dimensional vacuum Einstein gravity in Constant Mean extrinsic Curvature (CMC) gauge. More precisely, we obtain quantitative criteria under ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Weisheng Wu, Xichen Zhang
In this paper, pointwise preimage pressures for (non-invertible) continuous maps on any subset (not necessarily compact or invariant) are introduced via Carathéodory-Pesin construction. A variational ...
Research Article
V. E. Adler
A construction of negative flows for integrable systems based on the Lax representation and squared eigenfunctions is proposed. Examples considered include the Boussinesq equation and its reduction ...
Research Article
Alain Mazzolo
The probability density is a fundamental quantity for characterizing diffusion processes. However, it is seldom known except in a few renowned cases, including Brownian motion and the ...
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