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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 65,
Issue 6,
June 2024

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Mathematical Physics features content in all areas of mathematical physics. Articles focus on areas of research that illustrate the application of mathematics to problems in physics, the development of mathematical methods suitable for such applications, and the formulation of physical theories.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Atsushi Nobe
An integrable discretization of the SIR model with vaccination is proposed. Through the discretization, the conserved quantities of the continuous model are inherited to the discrete model, since the ...
Research Article
Naihuan Jing, Ming Liu et al.
We consider the quantum Gelfand invariants which first appeared in a landmark paper by Reshetikhin et al. [Algebra Anal. 1 (1), 178–206 (1989)]. We calculate the eigenvalues of the invariants acting ...
Research Article
Thibault D. Décoppet, Hao Xu
Given an algebra in a monoidal 2-category, one can construct a 2-category of right modules. Given a braided algebra in a braided monoidal 2-category, it is possible to refine the notion of right ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Changlin Liu, Ying Lv et al.
In this paper, we study the nonexistence and existence of normalized solutions for the nonlinear Kirchhoff-type equation − a + b ∫ R N | ∇ u | 2 d x Δ u = λ ...
Research Article
Khalid Ahbli, Fouzia El Wassouli et al.
While dealing with a class of generalized complex Hermite polynomials, we discuss some of their basic properties and we give operational formulae of Burchnall-type. New results, including a Nielsen ...
Research Article
Savan Hirpara, Kaushlendra Kumar et al.
In 1977 Lüscher found a class of SO(4)-symmetric SU(2) Yang–Mills solutions in Minkowski space, which have been rederived 40 years later by employing the isometry S3 ≅ SU(2) and conformally mapping ...
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