In this paper, we extend the previously introduced Post-Quantization Constraints (PQC) procedure [G. Guillon, T. Zeng, and P.-N. Roy, J. Chem. Phys.138, 184101 (2013)] to construct approximate propagators and energy estimators for different rigid body systems, namely, the spherical, symmetric, and asymmetric tops. These propagators are for use in Path Integral simulations. A thorough discussion of the underlying geometrical concepts is given. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the convergence properties of the density as well as the energy estimators towards their exact counterparts is presented along with illustrative numerical examples. The Post-Quantization Constraints approach can yield converged results and is a practical alternative to so-called sum over states techniques, where one has to expand the propagator as a sum over a complete set of rotational stationary states [as in E. G. Noya, C. Vega, and C. McBride, J. Chem. Phys.134, 054117 (2011)] because of its modest memory requirements.

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