We have investigated the photodissociation spectroscopy of the Al+-acetaldehyde bimolecular complex over the spectral range 212–345 nm. We find evidence for three overlapping molecular absorption bands in the near UV. Two of the bands are unstructured and are assigned as 1A and 2A←1A. These continuum bands are of mixed character with contributions from Al+-centered 3pπ(A)←3sσ(A), acetaldehyde-centered π*(A)←n(A), and Al-acetaldehyde charge transfer excitation processes. The third absorption band at short wavelengths, λ>223 nm, shows a prominent vibrational progression with a mode frequency ωe=210±4 cm−1. The structured band is assigned as 2A←1A and correlates to an Al+-centered 3pπ(A)←3sσ(A) radiative transition; the vibrational progression is assigned to the intermolecular Al+-acetaldehyde in-plane bend. Spectroscopic results are in good agreement with ab initio predictions.

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