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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 160,
Issue 18,
14 May 2024

Focus and Coverage

The Journal of Chemical Physics is an international journal that publishes cutting edge research in all areas of modern physical chemistry and chemical physics. The Journal also publishes brief communications of significant new findings, perspectives on the latest advances in the field, and Special Topics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Łukasz Baran, Dariusz Tarasewicz et al.
Achieving the formation of target open crystalline lattices from colloidal particles is of paramount importance for their potential application in photonics. Examples of such desired structures are ...
Research Article
Florian Trinter, Ludger Inhester et al.
We present a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the radiationless decay spectrum of an O 1s double core hole in liquid water. Our experiments were carried out using liquid-jet ...
Rapid Communication
Bin Xu, Qian Li et al.
Zero-dimensional (0D) hybrid metal halides (HMHs) have emerged as a promising platform for exploring excitation-dependent multicolor luminescent materials owing to their diverse crystal structures ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Lilli-Ruth Fidler, Paul Posch et al.
We have investigated pressure-induced amorphization (PIA) of an alcohol clathrate hydrate (CH) of cubic structure type I (sI) in the presence of NH4F utilizing dilatometry and x-ray powder ...
Research Article
Shengjiang Zhang, Yujia Xin et al.
Surface tension and interfacial tension are crucial to the study of nanomaterials. Herein, we report a solubility method using magnesium oxide nanoparticles of different radii (1.8–105.0 nm, MgO NPs) ...
Research Article
Bo Peng, Ziyu Wang et al.
The singlet fission process involves the conversion of one singlet excited state into two triplet states, which has significant potential for enhancing the energy utilization efficiency of solar ...
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