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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 159,
Issue 20,
28 November 2023

Focus and Coverage

The Journal of Chemical Physics is an international journal that publishes cutting edge research in all areas of modern physical chemistry and chemical physics. The Journal also publishes brief communications of significant new findings, perspectives on the latest advances in the field, and Special Topics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Austin D. Hartley, William F. Drayer et al.
Glass-forming liquids exhibit long-lived, spatially correlated dynamical heterogeneity, in which some nm-scale regions in the fluid relax more slowly than others. In the nanoscale vicinity of an ...
Research Article
Benjamin G. Peyton, Zachary J. Stewart et al.
Real-time (RT) electronic structure methods provide a natural framework for describing light–matter interactions in arbitrary time-dependent electromagnetic fields (EMF). Optically induced excited ...
Research Article
Fangyu Guo, Bo Chen et al.
In the process of high temperature service, the mechanical properties of cutting tools decrease sharply due to the peeling of the protective coating. However, the mechanism of such coating failure ...
Most Recent
Tjerk P. Straatsma, Theresa L. Windus et al.
Computational modeling and simulation have become indispensable scientific tools in virtually all areas of chemical, biomolecular, and materials systems research. Computation can provide unique and ...
Rapid Communication
Jianzhu Ju, Debaditya Chatterjee et al.
Physical vapor deposition (PVD) provides a route to prepare highly stable and anisotropic organic glasses that are utilized in multi-layer structures such as organic light-emitting devices. While ...
Research Article
Chris Sparling, Alice Ruget et al.
Photoelectron angular distributions (PADs) produced from the photoionization of chiral molecules using elliptically polarized light exhibit a forward/backward asymmetry with respect to the optical ...
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