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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 160,
Issue 22,
14 June 2024

Focus and Coverage

The Journal of Chemical Physics is an international journal that publishes cutting edge research in all areas of modern physical chemistry and chemical physics. The Journal also publishes brief communications of significant new findings, perspectives on the latest advances in the field, and Special Topics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Frank Smallenburg, Giovanni Del Monte et al.
One method for computationally determining phase boundaries is to explicitly simulate a direct coexistence between the two phases of interest. Although this approach works very well for fluid–fluid ...
Research Article
Csaba Fábri, Attila G. Császár et al.
The use of cavities to impact molecular structure and dynamics has become popular. As cavities, in particular plasmonic nanocavities, are lossy and the lifetime of their modes can be very short, ...
Research Article
Moritz Schneider, Guntram Rauhut
While the vibrational spectra of semi-rigid molecules can be computed on approaches relying on the Watson Hamiltonian, floppy molecules or molecular clusters are better described by Hamiltonians, ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Thomas Franosch, Rolf Schilling
We calculate thermodynamic and structural quantities of a fluid of hard spheres of diameter σ in a quasi-one-dimensional pore with accessible pore width W smaller than σ by applying a perturbative ...
Research Article
Dong He, Qizhen Hong et al.
Experimental and numerical studies were performed on the vibrational energy relaxation in shock-heated CO/N2/Ar mixtures. A laser absorption technique was applied to the time-dependent rovibrational ...
Research Article
A. Jaddi, K. Marakchi et al.
Acetaldehyde is a very relevant atmospheric species whose photodissociation has been extensively studied in the first absorption band both experimentally and theoretically. Very few works have been ...
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