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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 159,
Issue 12,
28 September 2023

Focus and Coverage

The Journal of Chemical Physics is an international journal that publishes cutting edge research in all areas of modern physical chemistry and chemical physics. The Journal also publishes brief communications of significant new findings, perspectives on the latest advances in the field, and Special Topics.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Lisa Sappl, Christos N. Likos et al.
The simulation of polymer solutions often requires the development of methods that accurately include hydrodynamic interactions. Resolution on the atomistic scale is too computationally expensive to ...
Research Article
Alberto Giacomello
The liquid-to-vapor transition can occur under unexpected conditions in nanopores, opening the door to fundamental questions and new technologies. The physics of boiling in confinement is ...
Research Article
Zhiqiang Shen, Jan-Michael Y. Carrillo et al.
The collective density–density and hydrostatic pressure–pressure correlations of glass-forming liquids are spatiotemporally mapped out using molecular dynamics simulations. It is shown that the sharp ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Hideaki Takahashi
In a recent study, we developed a kinetic-energy density functional that can be utilized in orbital-free quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical (OF-QM/MM) simulations. The functional includes the ...
Research Article
Tanooj Shah, Kamron Fazel et al.
Precise prediction of phase diagrams in molecular dynamics simulations is challenging due to the simultaneous need for long time and large length scales and accurate interatomic potentials. We show ...
Research Article
Takefumi Yamashita, Naoaki Miyamura et al.
The effect of the presence of Ar on the isomerization reaction HCN ⇄ CNH is investigated via machine learning. After the potential energy surface function is developed based on the ...
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