Congratulations to Associate Editor Masayoshi Tonouchi

Associate Editor Masayoshi Tonouchi (Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Japan) has been nominated fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics, for the development of the Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope. Congratulations Masa!

Special Topic Section "Molecular Spintronics" - Call for Papers

Open for submissions: June 1, 2018
Submission deadline: September 30, 2018
Guest Editors: Enrique Del Barco (University of Central Florida, FL, USA), Marco Gobbi (Material Physics Center, Spain), Miguel A. Novak (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil),
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Special Topic Section "Strain Engineering in Functional Materials" - Call for Papers

Open for submissions: May 1, 2018
Submission deadline: August 31, 2018
Guest Editors: Jian Shi (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA), Long-Qing Chen (Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA),
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Special Topic Section "New Physics and Materials for Neuromorphic Computation" - Call for Papers

Open for submissions: December 1, 2017
Submission deadline: May 31st, 2018
Guest Editors: Julie Grollier (CNRS/Thales Lab, France), Supratik Guha (The University of Chicago, USA), Hideo Ohno (Tohoku University, Japan), Ivan Schuller (University of California San Diego, USA)
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Congratulations to Editor-in-Chief André Anders!

Journal of Applied Physics announces the joint appointment of André Anders, Editor-in-Chief, as Professor of Applied Physics at the Felix Bloch Institute of the University of Leipzig, and Director of the Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (Leipzig, Germany).
Congratulations André!

Congratulations to Deputy Editor Christian Brosseau!

Christian Brosseau is the recipient the 2017 SPIE G.G. Stokes Award “in recognition of his contributions to the theory of polarization of light, particularly for work on statistical optics and polarization applications in optical information processing.” Christian will receive the award during SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference (August 6-10, 2017, San Diego, CA).

Journal of Applied Physics Eliminates Page Charges

As part of AIP Publishing's ongoing efforts to improve our author experience, we recently evaluated page and color charges and we believe it's time to eliminate them completely from the Journal of Applied Physics and Applied Physics Letters. AIP Publishing continually reviews and updates policies to make sure we're actively supporting physics researchers, and we're pleased to make this change to help our authors publish their best research in our top-tier journals.

 “With this announcement, AIP Publishing continues to demonstrate its commitment to the researchers and communities it serves” says Dr. Jason Wilde, Chief Publishing Officer, “while most of our page-charges were voluntary we have taken this step to ensure that authors, anywhere, are able to publish their research without barriers either through our thriving Open Access program or in our leading subscription journals.”

For more information about this change, please see our press release.