The effect of a post-plasma treatment on the dielectric property and reliability of fluorine doped silicon oxide (SiOF) film was studied. Also, the thermal stability of the Cu/WN interconnect system with SiOF interlayer dielectrics was examined by rapid thermal annealing. The surface roughness of SiOF films increased with increasing plasma treatment power due to ion bombardment effect during the plasma treatment. As the plasma treatment power increased, the dielectric constant increased from 3.16 to 3.43, while the change in the relative dielectric constant of the plasma treated films decreased in magnitude after treatment at 100 °C for 30 min in boiling water. Furthermore, the chemical properties of the plasma treated SiOF layers near the top surface tend to resemble those of thermal oxides after plasma treatment with sufficient plasma power, apparently due to the reduction in the Si–F bonding in the films. In the case of a Cu/WN/SiOF/Si multilayer structure, surface oxidation and densification due to the plasma treatment seemed to play an important role in suppressing the interdiffusion between SiOF and metal interconnects.

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