One-to-many wireless power transfer (WPT) is one of the leading directions in WPT systems development due to the rapid growth of consumer devices. The most challenging task is to ensure high efficiency for free-positioned receivers and provide low-cost compact WPT systems. In this paper, a transmitting metasurface-based resonator for one-to-many WPT systems is proposed and experimentally studied. The resonator design and matching method provides the self-tuning ability and allows to simplify the control and communication units of WPT systems. The resonator is composed of periodically arranged unit-cells, implemented as two crossed conductors separated by a thick substrate with a 330 pF capacitor mounted at the cross-hair of the conductors. The prototype of the proposed metasurface-based resonator is fabricated and experimentally studied for free-positioned single- and multi-receivers. The WPT efficiency to a free-positioned receiver varies from 19.7% to 84.8%. The overall efficiency for a three-receiver case reaches 83.2% which is suitable for one-to-many WPT systems.

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