This study introduces a local resonance mechanism to a periodic acoustic black hole (ABH) structure to achieve vibration control of plate structures and proposes a double-oscillator power-exponent prism phononic crystal. Results show that the periodic power-exponent prism can generate a high-frequency bandgap, the interior oscillator can generate a low-frequency bandgap, and the top oscillator can separate the frequency dispersion curve at around 700 Hz to form a bandgap with a width of 189 Hz. The double-oscillator power-exponent prism phononic crystal, composed of two types of oscillators and a power-exponent prism, can simultaneously have high-, middle-, and low-frequency bandgaps. Simulations and experiments show that it has a good attenuation effect on flexural vibration in the bandgap frequency band. The present results can provide a useful reference for bandgap design based on the combination of multiple mechanisms.

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