A new design of a flexible and compact electrostatic generator with dielectric fluid is presented in this work. The generator utilizes the flow of dielectric fluid between two dielectric films to change the capacitance and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. We fabricate a dielectric fluid generator (DFG) and build up an experimental setup to investigate the performance of energy harvesting. We use an optimal triangular electromechanical cycle and achieve a maximum energy harvesting power of 1.83 mW with a device that the length of the longest side is 15 cm. The power density is 35.2 μW g−1, and the conversion efficiency is 17.8%. The parameters of the DFG, including the initial voltage, the applied force, and the mechanical loading time, are studied. As a demonstration, we use the DFG to harvest electrical energy from hand tapping to power LEDs. The DFG is flexible and compact, which is promising for harvesting energy from human movements.

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