We report on InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot injection microdisk lasers laterally connected with a bus waveguide fabricated by planar technology from the same epi-structure. Various coupling schemes of microlaser with waveguide are studied including a microlaser attached to a waveguide (zero gap), a 100 nm gap for evanescence light outcoupling, and with a waveguide surrounding the resonator. The modes outcoupling and microlaser's loss (Q-factor) are analyzed by simulation of the lasers. A strong decrease in the number of the microdisk resonance lines associated with an increase in loss in the resonator due to the coupling with waveguide is observed in modeling and experimentally. We study the spectral and lasing parameters of the microdisk lasers, as well as characteristics of the outcoupled emission, and demonstrate efficient light outcoupling for 30 and 40 μm diameter continuous wave operating microdisk laser up to 96 °C.

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