High-index dielectric (Si) nanoantennas providing outcoupling of light from InAs/Ga(Al)As quantum dot (QD) microdisk lasers have been designed. The spatial distribution of light emitted from optically pumped QD microdisk lasers with a single Si spherical nanoantenna placed on the top surface of the microdisk was studied experimentally by confocal optical microscopy. Dependences of the emission intensity on the size and position of the Si nanoantenna were investigated. It was found that the laser mode to be outcoupled can be selected by choosing the nanosphere position with respect to the mode electromagnetic field maximum. Optimization of the Si nanoantenna parameters resulted in a 23-fold increase of the emission intensity at the location of the Si nanoantenna (whereas the total intensity enhanced 4 times) compared to the emission intensity from the initial microdisk laser without significant deterioration of the resonator quality factor.

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