One dimensional zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures were fabricated using a low temperature chemical bath deposition technique. The ZnO nanorods were doped with cobalt using cobalt nitrate with cobalt concentration varying from 0% to 9%. The scanning electron microscope images of the nanostructures indicate that the diameter of ZnO nanorods increased with the increase in cobalt doping concentration. The optical characterizations of the doped and undoped samples were performed by investigating the variation in the band gap, the Urbach energy, the index of refraction, and the extinction coefficient with cobalt concentration. The dispersion of index of refraction in cobalt doped ZnO nanostructures was modeled based on the Wemple DiDomenico single oscillator model. The interband oscillator energy and the dispersion energy were estimated for different cobalt doped ZnO nanorod samples based on this model.

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