We present broadband ferromagnetic resonance measurements of tunable spin wave anisotropy in arrays of nanodots with different dot shapes. Magnetization dynamics of the circular dot array shows two modes, while square, diamond, and triangular dot arrays show three, three, and four modes, respectively. Various distinct rotational symmetries in the configurational anisotropy of the nanodot arrays are observed with the variation of dot shape. The observed spin wave modes are reproduced by micromagnetic simulations and the calculated mode profiles show different collective modes determined by internal and stray magnetic fields. Effects of dot shapes are observed in combination with the effects of lattice symmetry and the shape of the boundary of the array. The collective behaviour is observed to be weakest in the diamond shaped dots and strongest in circular shaped dots. This is further confirmed by the stray field calculation. The large variation of spin wave mode frequencies and their configurational anisotropies with dot shapes are important for selection of suitable basis structures for future magnonic crystals.

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