Using electronic structure calculations, we systematically investigate the formation of vacancies in III-V semiconductors (III = Al, Ga, and In and V = P, As, and Sb), for a range of charges (3q3) as a function of the Fermi level and under different growth conditions. The formation energies were corrected using the scheme due to Freysoldt et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 016402 (2009)] to account for finite size effects. Vacancy formation energies were found to decrease as the size of the group V atom increased. This trend was maintained for Al-V, Ga-V, and In-V compounds. The negative-U effect was only observed for the arsenic vacancy in GaAs, which makes a charge state transition from +1 to –1. It is also found that even under group III rich conditions, group III vacancies dominate in AlSb and GaSb. For InSb, group V vacancies are favoured even under group V rich conditions.

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