In this paper, a high efficiency wireless energy transfer system based on MEMS coils is first developed. The permanent magnetic core used in the transmitting coil can not only enhance the magnetic flux but also applies a strong and uniform magnetic field distribution around the core. Ansoft hfss is then used to analyze the performance of two coupling coils designed to be resonated at the same frequency. The distribution of magnetic field strength and coupling efficiency is modeled and characterized. High-performance bio-compatible MEMS coils were fabricated on a glass wafer by thick glue photolithography and electroplating technique. We measured a peak value of energy transfer at the resonant frequency of 23 MHz, and the coupling efficiency is higher than 10% within the distance of 10–20 cm by sweeping frequencies from 1 MHz to 200 MHz. Experiments also show that the resonant coupling efficiency is not much affected by the relative position of the two coils in a large range.

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