The Seebeck coeeficients of AlInN alloys, grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy, with In-contents (x) from 0.38% up to 21.34%, were characterized and analyzed from room temperature (T = 300 K) up to high temperature (T = 382 K). The Seebeck coefficients of the n-type AlInN alloys show significant enhancement at higher temperature up to 382 K, in comparison to those measured at room temperature. Large Seebeck coefficients (602.0– 1233.2 μV/K) were obtained for the lattice-matched Al0.83In0.17N alloy (n = 5.1 × 1018 cm−3) from T = 300 K up to T = 382 K. The improvement of Seebeck coefficients for the n-type AlInN alloys will lead to ∼1.5–4 times improvement of the thermopower at higher temperatures.

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