Ink-jet printing is an important process for placing active electronics on plastic substrates. We demonstrate ink-jet printing as a viable method for large area fabrication of carbon nanotube (CNT) thin film transistors (TFTs). We investigate different routes for producing stable CNT solutions (“inks”). These consist of dispersion methods for CNT debundling and the use of different solvents, such as N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone. The resulting printable inks are dispensed by ink-jet onto electrode bearing silicon substrates. The source to drain electrode gap is bridged by percolating networks of CNTs. Despite the presence of metallic CNTs, our devices exhibit field effect behavior, with effective mobility of 0.07cm2/Vs and ON/OFF current ratio of up to 100. This result demonstrates the feasibility of ink-jet printing of nanostructured materials for TFT manufacture.

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