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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 135,
Issue 8,
28 February 2024

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Applied Physics is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research. The journal also publishes perspectives, tutorials, methods and special collections focusing on research of particular current or emerging interest.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Jorge Fernandez-Coppel, Richard Wirz et al.
Ion-induced electron emission (IIEE) is an important process whereby ions impinging on a material surface lead to net emission of electrons into the vacuum. While relevant for multiple applications, ...
Research Article
Guang Yang, Yuan-Bin Liu et al.
Thermal transport in wurtzite aluminum nitride (w-AlN) significantly affects the performance and reliability of corresponding electronic devices, particularly when lattice strains inevitably impact ...
Research Article
Ntumba Lobo, Gebhard J. Matt et al.
We investigated the impact of carrier trapping on the carrier lifetime of metal halide perovskite materials, which are key to solar cell production. We examined NH3CH3PbI3 (MAPbI3), NH3CH3PbBr3 ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Mingyu Wu, Yujuan Zhang et al.
In this work, the distribution and segregation behaviors of helium (He) and the effect of yttrium (Y) on these behaviors in the symmetrical tilt tungsten (W) Σ5(310)/[001] grain boundary (GB) region ...
Research Article
Timothy T. Aiken, Iain D. Boyd
A three-temperature collisional-radiative model for shock-heated nitrogen–argon mixtures is developed to facilitate the study of nonequilibrium electronic excitation and ionization behind strong ...
Research Article
B. Damilano, R. Aristégui et al.
GaN/AlxGa1−xN quantum wells were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on high quality bulk (0001) GaN substrates. The quantum well thickness was set in the 6–8 nm range to favor the photoluminescence ...
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