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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 134,
Issue 19,
21 November 2023

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Applied Physics is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research. The journal also publishes perspectives, tutorials, methods and special collections focusing on research of particular current or emerging interest.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Ruijuan Qi, Jinzhong Zhang et al.
Carbon-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 (CGST) is a potential candidate in phase change random access memory (PCRAM) with superb thermal stability and ultrahigh cycle endurance. Direct observation of the ...
Research Article
R. L. Xiao, K. L. Liu et al.
The thermophysical properties of liquid metals and alloys are crucial to explore the intrinsic mechanisms of the solidification process, glass formation, and fluid dynamics. The deep learning ...
Research Article
Emanuele Bochicchio, Philemon A. L. M. Koolen et al.
We investigate microlenses that selectively focus the light on only a small fraction of all nanowires within an arrayed InP nanowire solar cell. The nano-concentration improves both the short-circuit ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Aqyan A. Bhatti, Branch T. Archer et al.
The effects of tensile strain and contact transmissivity on the performance limits of monolayer molybdenum disulfide ( MoS 2 ) nanoscale n-channel MOSFETs are studied using a ...
Research Article
Alexander B. Goldstone, Nibir K. Dhar et al.
Germanium has received increased research interest for use in next-generation CMOS technology as its high carrier mobilities allow for enhanced device performance without further device scaling. ...
Research Article
Jan Zemen
Ferrimagnetic antiperovskite Mn 4 N has received growing interest due to room-temperature observation of large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, low saturation magnetization, and ...
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