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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 135,
Issue 18,
14 May 2024

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Applied Physics is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research. The journal also publishes perspectives, tutorials, methods and special collections focusing on research of particular current or emerging interest.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Amanda Langørgen, Lasse Vines et al.
The ultra-wide bandgap of gallium oxide provides a rich plethora of electrically active defects. Understanding and controlling such defects is of crucial importance in mature device processing. ...
Research Article
Andrew O’Hara, Ronald D. Schrimpf et al.
Irradiation of semiconductors by energetic beams generates excess electrons and holes and may cause device degradation or failure. Both gradual degradation by total ionizing radiation (TID) and ...
Research Article
D. Lacour, M. Hehn et al.
The anomalous-Hall current injection is studied in a Hall device contacted to a lateral load circuit. This anomalous-Hall current is generated inside a Co 75 Gd 25 ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Chenyang Huangfu, Yufei Zhang et al.
In this work, nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers of high nitrogen diamond implanted with arsenic ions were investigated by photoluminescence spectroscopy. The transition of the NV center charge state was ...
Research Article
P. Maneesha, Koyal Suman Samantaray et al.
Crystal structure, bandgap, and the changes in the charge conduction mechanisms in ceramics are interrelated, and the underlying physics unifies all these different phenomena. The experimental and ...
Research Article
Yuanchao Huang, Rong Wang et al.
4H Silicon carbide (SiC) is widely recognized as one of the most advanced wide bandgap semiconductors used in the production of high-efficiency power electronic devices. Impurities play a crucial ...
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